Yearly Physical Exam

Yearly Physical Exam in South Philly, PA

Do you need a physical exam? Our board-certified physicians at AFC Urgent Care South Philly can assist you!

Yearly Physical Exam in South Philly, PA
Yearly Physical Exam in South Philly, PA

We are available 7 days a week to administer exams with no appointment needed. We know you have a busy schedule here in Philadelphia, so come in when it is convenient for you. Our extended weekday hours and weekend hours make us easy to fit into your day. Don’t wait days for your primary care physician and get a physical when you need it. Our onsite lab will process any tests results needed by our doctors quickly. You’ll leave with all the information you need to stay healthy. Our walk in medical clinic accepts most major insurance carriers and have affordable self-pay rates for those who are uninsured.

Why come in for a yearly physical exam?

The best way to avoid a debilitating condition or disease is to catch it early! Early detection makes treatment much easier. When you visit our center, discuss which tests you’ve taken in the past and other concerns you may have with your doctor. There are a variety of different screenings you can have during a yearly physical. These include:

Body Mass Index

Your Body Mass Index, also known as BMI, will measure the percentage of body fat. This percentage is influenced by your height and weight. Doctors use it to check for obesity


If you have high blood cholesterol, chances are you are more at risk for heart disease. If you are over the age of 35, you should have your cholesterol levels check yearly to ensure the levels are under control.

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure puts you at risk for kidney disease and stroke. Managing it is the best way to prevent these conditions. It’s important to check it yearly.


As you get older and approach 50, it’s vital you are checked for a variety of different cancers. These include colorectal, prostate, lung, oral, and skin cancer.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If you are sexually active, it’s always good to get tested not only for your own health but for the health of your partner. Common STD tests include Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, and Chlamydia.


If you fall into one of the following categories, it is highly recommended you receive a test for HIV.

  • Have sex with men
  • Have unprotected sex with multiple partners
  • Have ever injected drugs
  • Have ever paid for sex
  • Have had partners in the past who are infected with HIV
  • Are being treated for other STD’s
  • Had a blood transfusion between 1978 and 1985


Depression is a treatable illness and is something our doctors can identify. Once identified, you can seek treatment from another long-term health professional.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Smoking can have many negative health conditions, including abdominal aortic aneurysm. If you are between the ages of 65 and 75 and have smoked more than 100 cigarettes in your life time, you should get checked out for this condition. These are large or swollen blood vessels in your stomach that can burst without warming.


Do you have a blood pressure measurement higher than 135/80? It is recommended that you be tested for diabetes. This condition can cause many problems in various parts of your body including your heart, feet, eyes, kidneys, and nerves.

Do you think your health might benefit from a yearly physical exam in Philadelphia? Come visit our highly-experienced physicians at AFC Urgent Care South Philly. We are committed to providing the best personal, professional care in the Philadelphia area. We are your first choice for any nonlife threatening illness or injury.